New Shipping Alliances: How to Mitigate Your Risk at the US Ports and Beyond

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Starting from April 1, 2017, the new OCEAN Alliance and THE Alliance will kick-off their respective networks and the 2M Alliance will launch new services. CargoSmart analyzed the proforma schedules provided by the ocean carriers through March 17. We found that most of the top US ports will have fewer visiting vessels for each alliance service. In addition, the average vessel size by TEU capacity for the alliance services will increase at most of the top US ports.

Please see the figures showing a comparison of the alliance services before and after April 1 at the top US ports as well as a sample of smaller ports in the US. Read More…

Track the Shipping Alliances’ Vessel Deployments to Their New Services

As the ocean carrier alliances begin operating in April, carriers are updating their service networks. A great migration of vessels from their previous routes to their new routes is occurring. When will the new services from the 2M, OCEAN, and THE alliances be fully deployed?

CargoSmart has launched a pop-up tool, the Alliance Reshuffle Dashboard, that lets you monitor the new services and their progress towards full deployment. You can see the overall transition progress of five major trade lanes and the service maps and details, including the deployed vessel names, sizes, operators, and locations. Read More…

Live Webinar: Navigate the New Reality of Ocean Shipping

When the new carrier alliances begin to operate in three weeks, there will be a new wave of service consolidation and network adjustments. Nearly 70% of routes will be operated by only one alliance and trans-Pacific routes are expected to decrease by 18% after April 1. How will carrier network changes impact your supply chain?

CargoSmart is hosting a free, live webinar to discuss the latest alliance service changes and the possible impact to your supply chain. In addition, we will share some useful tips to help you manage the upcoming changes smoothly.

Register today to join the webinar on March 23 for insights to prepare for the carrier alliance reshuffle. Read More…

CargoSmart Introduces Solution for Ocean Shippers to Optimize Routes

Ocean carriers and alliances are updating their services dramatically in April. Are you ready? CargoSmart is pleased to announce Route Master, the first tool that lets shippers visualize, compare, and respond faster to ocean carriers’ and alliances’ service changes. Read More…

Webinar: Understanding the New Order in Ocean Shipping

CargoSmart will be presenting on the upcoming American Shipper webinar: Understanding the New Order in Ocean Shipping. We invite you to join the free webinar that is scheduled to broadcast live on February 16 at 4pm ET.

A wave of liner carrier consolidation and reconfigured alliances washed over the shipping industry in 2016, and now all eyes are on April, when the new mega alliances are set to launch their services.

That will undoubtedly create a vast number of service offering changes, enabling not only new port pairs, but a whole new network of possibilities for shippers. It also leaves a lot of questions in early 2017: Read More…