Brother Streamlines its Supply Chain with CargoSmart’s Visibility Solutions

In July 2012, SupplyChainBrain magazine featured CargoSmart’s customer, Brother International. Brother International manufactures products ranging from multifunction copiers to sewing machines. SupplyChainBrain’s editor spoke with Cecile Brown, international traffic manager of Brother International, about the challenges of managing a vast amount of shipment data and how it overcame the challenges. Brother used to look up shipment information from EDI reports, convert data to spreadsheets, and check container status with multiple carriers. Read More…

3 Tips to Stay Cool Managing Shipments through Peak Season

Are you shipping your cargo before the core peak season to avoid charges and congestion? Will your cargo make the intended vessel? Will your cargo be rolled? Will ILA port negotiations in the U.S. affect this year’s peak season?

Managing your shipment visibility is key to making sure your cargo is delivered on time to meet your customers’ expectations and achieve your company’s goals. Having the right tools in place can make your job easier, especially during peak season.

It’s a breeze! Follow these tips to navigate this summer’s peak season:

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