CargoSmart Seminar Series: 2013 Key Trends in Shipment Management

Global Route Management Strategies and Japan’s Advance Filing Rule

Are you concerned about changing trade lanes and shipping patterns due to fluctuating capacity and demand? Are you prepared for the latest compliance regulations, including Japan’s Advance Filing Rule? CargoSmart will be holding a series of complimentary seminars on key trends in shipment management that cover the latest industry updates on the following topics:
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June Innovating Newsletter Feature: Transshipment Performance

Transshipments are becoming an important aspect of ocean shipping as carriers are changing their worldwide operation patterns. Carriers are phasing out smaller vessels in exchange for larger vessels. Instead of calling at many medium ports, carriers are increasingly outsourcing the domestic links between the medium and large ports to feeder vessel operators. As a result, transshipments are needed at major ports.

Timing is critical for successful transshipments. If vessels are delayed into the transshipment port, connections are easily missed and cargo has to be rerouted and may be subject to further delays. Read More…