Uncover the Secrets Behind the Big Schedules Logo

Do you know what makes Big Schedules the new, smarter way to search for sailing schedules? We have hidden the answers in our logo design. Four design elements of the Big Schedules logo represent the core components of the fast and powerful sailing schedule search engine.

  • Multiple colors for multiple data sources: Instead of one single, dominant color, the Big Schedules logo is comprised of multiple bold colors. The different colors represent multiple data sources that Big Schedules leverages in order to deliver up-to-date sailing schedules. The colors also represent the multiple-carrier schedules available on Big Schedules . Big Schedules currently provides sailing schedules for 30 major ocean carriers.
  • From little dots to big data: The dots in the Big Schedules logo are used to demonstrate how the system processes a massive amount of scattered schedule data and turns it into useful and meaningful insights. Big Schedules uses big data sources and technologies in order to monitor and analyze vessel data covering 90% of the world’s container capacity and deliver powerful results.
  • Four lines, one link: Most of the Big Schedules logo is made up of four major lines in four different colors. The four lines represent how Big Schedules helps you link schedules, vessels, services, and shipments, enabling you to have a single view of your ocean schedules and to visualize your shipment routes.
  • Crossed lines for complex routes: Not all global shipment routes are direct port to port. The intersecting lines in the logo correspond to global transshipment and inland schedules that are published by carriers, and are available through the Big Schedules search engine.

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Why Big Schedules?

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As digital data is increasingly used to represent physical cargo movement, global shipment data grows exponentially every day. How you create business value from big shipping data is critical to your success.

CargoSmart has launched Big Schedules, the new sailing schedule search engine that delivers live schedules and powerful results. Big Schedules is changing the way you access and manage schedules and shipping data.


It’s time to think big and to start moving. Watch the video to learn more.

CargoSmart Tracks Vessels, Shipments with Big Data

Asia Cargo News - CargoSmart August 2015

Lionel Louie, CargoSmart’s chief commercial officer, recently spoke with Asia Cargo News about the company’s new visibility model. Leveraging big data technologies and intuitive design, CargoSmart helps shippers and forwarders effectively monitor their shipments and industry trends in an increasingly data-driven world. Here is an excerpt of the article:

Lionel Louie, chief commercial officer of CargoSmart, says that the company had traditionally only been involved in electronic data interchange with regard to schedules and tracking, but that is now not enough. Read More…

CargoSmart Transforms Shipping Data into Business Insights

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CargoSmart is changing the way you use digital shipping data, enabling you to make better business decisions with big data insights. Watch the video to learn more.

Look out for global vessel disruptions on Big Schedules

Big Schedules – Live data. Powerful results

Big Schedules – Live data. Powerful results

Over 5 million sailing schedule changes occur globally each month. Factors such as severe weather and port congestion can impact schedules and your ability to plan your shipments.

CargoSmart recently announced Big Schedules, a new sailing schedule search engine that helps you search for schedules faster and view live vessels in transit to gain insights for planning. Did you also know that you can visit the Big Schedules homepage (www.bigschedules.com), to find news regarding weather events and port and terminal activities that could impact your shipments?

Features include:

  • 7 day vessel movement map: The map on the homepage shows the vessels’ previous movements and current positions. Each dot on the screen represents a container vessel. As the homepage loads, it cycles through snapshots of the previous 7 days of global vessel movements. The date on the lower left corner of the page changes to show the corresponding date of each view.
  • Incident and weather markers: Flags on the homepage mark incidents, such as strikes and typhoons, to help you identify events that may potentially impact your shipment schedules.
  • Latest news box: You can also view a summary of the latest disruptions from the map in the Latest News box, and then click on the link to read more details about the disruptions.

Big Schedules is the sailing schedule search engine that delivers live schedules and insightful results for you. Visit our vessel movement map on the homepage and then sign up for a free account today to experience even more powerful features.