Triumph Provides Aggregated Sailing Schedules for Its Customers

In August 2015, Triumph Express Service Canada launched global sailing schedules powered by CargoSmart for its customers through its website.

Triumph’s president, Eddie Rei, spoke about their implementation with ARC Advisory Group analyst, Steve Banker. He shared how CargoSmart’s Private Label Sailing Schedules allows Triumph to provide better service to their customers with more accurate schedule data to make informed decisions that affect their supply chains.

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CargoSmart Spearheads Development of Innovative Solutions and Talent Recruitment

CargoSmart held a “Big Data, Big Opportunities Conference cum Technology Talent Recruitment Day” on September 12 at Hong Kong Science Park that attracted more than 500 participants. The conference showcased cloud-based big data analytics capabilities and encouraged the younger generation to collaboratively transform the shipping industry. In addition to featuring industry experts who shared their insights on big data analytics and the latest market developments, CargoSmart also held an onsite career exhibition to recruit data science professionals. Read More…