SOLAS VGM: Analysis to Help You Prepare

The new Safety of Life at Sea Convention’s Verified Gross Mass (SOLAS VGM) requirements go into effect on July 1. Many uncertainties remain, including countries’ implementation guidelines, VGM cutoff times, and how potential delays may impact performance. In February and March, CargoSmart ran a customer survey. 820 people responded and almost all did not have plans for how to comply.

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CargoSmart Offers SOLAS VGM Solutions Free of Charge

CargoSmart Offers SOLAS VGM Solutions

We are pleased to announce that CargoSmart offers free solutions for shippers to provide the verified gross mass (VGM) of their cargo to their carriers to comply with the new requirements from the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention. CargoSmart is working closely with over 70 ocean container carriers and terminals to provide shippers with flexible and integrated solutions to manage the VGM submission process effectively and smoothly.

Starting on July 1, 2016, global shippers are required to provide a verified gross mass of each container, including the cargo contents and the weight of the container, before it is loaded on a vessel. Shippers may need extra time and incur costs to obtain the cargo weight, determine the container tare weight, verify the weight, and submit the information to ocean carriers in a timely manner. Read More…

Improve Shipment Visibility with Schedule Delay Alert

In January 2016, over 6 million sailing schedule changes occurred around the world. Along with the next wave of shipping line service consolidation, frequent schedule changes may continue.

Managing schedule changes is critical to your cargo’s on-time delivery. CargoSmart’s Schedule Delay Alert leverages high quality, consolidated sailing schedule data from multiple sources and uses intelligent tools to help you identify schedule changes that may impact your shipments. The solution helps you:

  • Save time looking up schedules to monitor critical shipments
  • Respond faster to potential supply chain disruptions
  • Manage export documentation deadlines that are due by 24 hours before vessel departure
  • Enhance customer service with improved shipment visibility of vessel status and delay information

To experience how Schedule Delay Alert can help your business, subscribe now to the service online. To learn more about the solution, schedule a free consultation to view a demo of the solution today.