CargoSmart Hosts a Digital Tx Conference in Hong Kong

Digital Tx Conference in Hong Kong

CargoSmart hosted its first Digital Tx conference at Hong Kong Science Park on June 18. Over 400 industry professionals attended the event to learn about the newest trends in digitization and how is impacting the global shipping and logistics industry.

Mr Andrew Philips, vice president of Gartner Research, and Ms Joelle Woo, director of business development and developer experience (DX) of Microsoft Hong Kong, shared their insights on digital transformation for today’s business and IT professionals. CargoSmart showcased cloud-based technology and capabilities to drive new digital trends in the shipping industry.

CargoSmart’s SOLAS VGM Platform is Ready!

CargoSmart’s VGM solution is now live! Submit the verified gross mass (VGM) to your carriers through CargoSmart’s platform to comply with the new Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention requirements that take effect on July 1. Log in at to get started.

If you submit your booking requests or shipping instructions through CargoSmart, you can submit the corresponding VGMs to your carriers through CargoSmart at no charge. A standalone VGM submission package is also available for a charge. Contact for the pricing details.

To learn more about the new SOLAS regulation and CargoSmart’s VGM solutions, please visit CargoSmart’s SOLAS Resources page to help you prepare.

Nippon Express, Globaltransol, and ACX Global Select CargoSmart’s VGM Solution

CargoSmart's VGM Solution

We are pleased to announce that CargoSmart’s customers are  preparing to submit the verified gross mass (VGM) of their cargo through its platform to comply with the new Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention requirements that go into effect on July 1, 2016. Nippon Express, Globaltransol, and Al Dahra ACX Global are three companies that have selected to submit the VGMs through CargoSmart’s platform. In addition, thousands of shippers and freight forwarders have signed in to CargoSmart’s website to become familiar with the application, set up protocols, and train colleagues. Read More…

SOLAS Live Webinar: Best Practices for VGM Submission

The new Safety of Life at Sea Convention’s Verified Gross Mass (SOLAS VGM) requirement takes effect in less than 15 days. As time is limited, we are here to help!

CargoSmart is hosting a series of free, live webinars to help shippers prepare for the SOLAS VGM implementation. Our first three webinars covered how to submit timely VGMs, how to collaborate with multiple parties to collect the VGM, and the regional requirements for VGM submission.

The fourth topic in our webinar series is focused on best practices for VGM compliance. Read More…