CargoSmart Organizes Digital Innovation Conference

Digital innovation has disrupted many established business models and brought in many new business opportunities across industries. Long established companies are under threats of digital disruption from innovative start-up competitors. How should businesses embrace digital innovation to fortify their existing positions and even increase their market value? For IT talent, how should you equip yourself to remain competitive?

At the Digital Innovation conference on September 2, 2017, you can learn about the latest software development culture and processes that drive digital innovation, as well as architectures and platforms that are commonly used in innovative software products. Register today and join us to embrace digital innovation and succeed in the digital era. Read More…

Schedule Reliability Decreased 0.2% in July 2017

CargoSmart analyzes schedule reliability each month to provide shippers and logistics service providers with insights about their ocean carriers’ performance. This month, we reviewed the schedule reliability of 24 ocean carriers across 12 trade lanes. Overall, on-time schedule reliability decreased by 0.2%, from 70.1% in June 2017 to 69.9% in July 2017. Read More…

Get Timely Updates of Incidents with Route Master

Incidents, such as port strikes and port congestion, occur around the world that may affect vessel schedules and potentially delay shipments. When these events occur, how do you find out about them and plan your shipment routes around them?

Route Master, powered by CargoSmart, is an ocean route planning tool that helps you visualize and compare carriers’ routes, transit times, vessel operators, and reliability. The interactive tool provides timely updates of incidents that may affect vessel schedules and impact your supply chain, and it lets you identify route options to minimize potential delays. Read More…

CargoSmart – Platform as a Service

You may have heard of Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions such as Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS for developing products. But if enterprises want to experience extensibility and flexibility, how can they build a private PaaS platform without using a public service? CargoSmart introduced its own private PaaS for its internal development teams to tailor-make applications quickly. Want to learn more about how to achieve this? Register for our Digital Innovation conference to be held on September 2 in Hong Kong and experience more.

CargoSmart – Empty Container Repositioning

Moving containers requires complex planning, even when there is no cargo inside the containers. As trading volumes fluctuate, modelling requires a lot of analysis and time. To simulate multiple approaches, CargoSmart’s empty container repositioning team uses advanced technologies and tools to speed up the development process and improve the accuracy of the data analytics. Would you like to join our team in Hong Kong to develop solutions? Register for CargoSmart’s Digital Innovation conference on September 2 and experience more.