Digital Innovation

Being competitive now and in the future

Digital innovation has disrupted many established business models and brought in many new business opportunities across industries. Long established companies are under threats of digital disruption from innovative start-up competitors. How should business embrace digital innovation to fortify their existing positions and even increase their market value? For IT talent, how should you equip yourself to remain competitive? At the Digital Innovation conference on September 2, 2017, you can learn about the latest software development culture and processes that drive digital innovation, as well as architectures and platforms that are commonly used in innovative software products. Register today and join us to embrace digital innovation and succeed in the digital era.

Date and Time

Saturday, September 2, 2017
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (HKT)


Grand Hall 1/F 12W Phase 3,
Hong Kong Science and Technology Park,


Main Conference




Welcome Keynote
Mr. Lionel Louie
Chief Commercial Officer, CargoSmart Limited


Software Development Capabilities Empower Innovation
Mr. Rob Mee
CEO, Pivotal Software, Inc.


Transform the Way to Build Valuable Software - Evolutionary Product Development Process
Mr. Andrew Donohue
Mr. W L Mang
Ms. Sara Krishnan
Product Team, CargoSmart Limited


Connecting Every Business’s Digital Platform - API and Microservices Architecture
Mr. Prithpal Bhogill
Product Manager, Google

Mr. Eric Wong
Assistant General Manager, CargoSmart Limited

Breakout Sessions (Start in parallel)


(Track A)

Technical Sharing: DevOps & PaaS Adoption
Mr. S C Ng
Manager, CargoSmart Limited

Mr. Derrick Wong
Senior Platform Architect, Pivotal Software, Inc.


(Track B)

Experience Sharing: Adoption of the New Product Development Process
Mr. Ivan Cheung
Manager, CargoSmart Limited

Mr. Danny Burkes
Senior Director, Pivotal Software, Inc.


Grand Hall 1/F 12W Phase 3

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, Shatin

Shuttle Buses

Shuttle buses are available at 12:30 pm at University Station and Kowloon Tong To Fuk Road as indicated below.


  • Pair Programming

    Improve discipline, coding quality and team collaboration by pair programming

  • Team Collaboration

    Leading to success with team collaboration

  • DevOps

    Faster development and product cycles to meet customers’ needs

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

    Lets developers deliver code frequently without missing release steps

  • Empty Container Repositioning

    Advanced technologies to speed up the development process and improve the accuracy of the data analytics

  • Platform as a Service

    Experience extensibility and flexibility with private PaaS platform

  • Cloud Service

    Speed up productivity by using cloud service


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