CargoSmart’s Lionel Louie on Sailing Schedule Insights

JOC Asia PortsLionel Louie, Chief Commercial Officer of CargoSmart, was interviewed by Journal of Commerce for its special section about Asian port development. Mr. Louie discussed how CargoSmart pairs sailing schedule visibility with powerful cloud-based solutions to help deliver insights to customers. Here is an excerpt of the article:

CargoSmart monitors a complex interplay of sea-traffic metrics, covering 90 percent of the world’s ocean container traffic, to deliver unprecedented insights for business value creation,” Chief Commercial Officer Lionel Louie said. Sea traffic metrics and a scalable platform help provide analytics and insights for customers.

From July to September 2014, there were nearly 22.5 million global schedule changes, 57 percent of which occurred at Asian ports. Among Asian ports, Singapore had the most schedule changes.

Products offering better real schedule visibility are extremely beneficial to the enormous Asian market, helping shippers improve planning and bookings. Comparing performance by port, port-pair, and carrier can be particularly useful. “In such competitive Asian markets, carriers, ports and terminals need to find ways to differentiate their services,” Louie said. CargoSmart is helping to fill visibility gaps in the ocean portion of shippers’ supply chains, especially during peak season and times of high port congestion.

Read the full article from Journal of Commerce.

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