Why Route Master?

New shipping alliances, service consolidation, and the resulting changes to services, routes, and schedules, have made transportation management and supply chain planning more challenging than ever. The changes have made dynamic data intelligence critical to successful supply chain management.

Route Master, the interactive route planning tool powered by CargoSmart, lets you digitize route planning and respond faster to ocean carriers’ and alliances’ service changes, to help you navigate the new reality of ocean shipping. Watch the video to learn more.

Why Big Schedules?

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As digital data is increasingly used to represent physical cargo movement, global shipment data grows exponentially every day. How you create business value from big shipping data is critical to your success.

CargoSmart has launched Big Schedules, the new sailing schedule search engine that delivers live schedules and powerful results. Big Schedules is changing the way you access and manage schedules and shipping data.


It’s time to think big and to start moving. Watch the video to learn more.

7 More Tips to Help NVOCCs Master AFR

Japan Customs recently conducted a review of all Advance Filing Rules (AFR) filings received since the March 1, 2014 implementation date and it has prepared a list of tips to help filers improve their accuracy. Are your filings to Japan Customs going smoothly?  We are pleased to share the latest tips to help you file successfully.

1.  Check the Master B/L format from your carrier before filing

Japan Customs identified common discrepancies between the master B/L number filed by the carrier and the number filed by the NVOCC, including duplicated and different carrier codes, and missing suffixes.  We recommend that you check the master B/L format with your carrier before you submit your house B/L filing. Read More…

MeadWestvaco Joins CargoSmart for an American Shipper Webinar on Freight Procurement

On December 12, 2012, CargoSmart sponsored an American Shipper Webinar: Freight Procurement – Optimization Beyond Rates and Routes. The webinar recording is now available on-demand.

The 60-min session discusses the challenges that still exist in the procurement process for ocean shippers and logistics service providers, including outdated data analysis legacies, the rigidity of annual contracting, and changing operational dynamics. The webinar also demonstrates how a multi-dimensional optimization process empowers more agile and cost-effective procurement decisions. Read More…

CargoSmart Launches Newsletter, Innovating

Shipment exceptions that cause cargo delays happen everyday. A recent example is the arrival of the powerful Hurricane Sandy on October 29 that has closed the port of New York and New Jersey. Do you find it difficult to find out where delays are happening or the reason for the delays? How you can you minimize the effects from delays?

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