Navigating a Disruptive Market with Innovative Development Methodologies

Digital Innovation Conference in Hong Kong

CargoSmart hosted a Digital Innovation conference at the Hong Kong Science Park on September 2. The event featured speakers from Microsoft, Pivotal, and Apigee who presented on how to navigate a disruptive market with innovative development methodologies. Over 500 IT professionals attended the event to learn about the newest trends in digitalization and essential development capabilities and organizational practices that help fuel innovation.

ComputerWorld Hong Kong recently posted an article summarizing the event. Here is an excerpt from the article:

To disrupt, you need to rewire the way your firm innovates, designs products, and addresses challenges. It requires a modern approach to developing software that puts the customer at the center.

This is the situation that CargoSmart faced. Responsible for developing and delivering solutions for the ocean container shipping industry, where ocean carriers have an average annual revenue of around US$180 billion and over 7,000 container ships, the company wanted to become more agile to customer demands and future proof itself.

At its recent Digital Innovation Conference, held on September 2, 2017, company representatives highlighted the value of using agile and lean development techniques to address the dynamic needs of the global market. The event was supported by Pivotal, Microsoft, Apigee (Owned by Google), HKIE and HKCS.

This year, the theme of the annual event was Digital Innovation. “We are putting focus on the ‘How’ rather than ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of Digital Transformation. We will drill down on the essential development capabilities and organizational environment that help fuel innovation,” said Lionel Louie, Chief Commercial Officer at CargoSmart, in his welcome keynote.

“CargoSmart’s vision is to connect, we have been in the business of connecting shippers to carriers for over 16 years. We are relentlessly innovating ourselves so that our customers can make connections much easier, they are able to connect siloed shipping data so that they can gain more insights into their supply chain,” he added.

Read the full article on ComputerWorld Hong Kong’s website.

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