Reinventing Logistics Through Digital Transformation

In Computerworld Hong Kong, CargoSmart’s Lionel Louie shares his views on digital transformation in the logistics industry. The article describes the opportunities and trends the industry is facing with rapid digitization.


Here are excerpts:

  • “We believe that ultimately suppliers, consumers, partners or even industry competitors will collaborate on digital platforms to exchange information and do business. The platforms can allow them to work with companies around the world and to collaborate through different channels, including online and by APIs,” explained Lionel Louie, chief commercial officer, CargoSmart Limited.

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Peak Season Port Performance in Europe

The months leading up to the winter holidays are usually the busiest period for maritime transportation. Increased vessel capacity and port activities can impact operations. This month, CargoSmart examined and compared the performance of the top five container ports in Europe—Algeciras, Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, and Rotterdam. We analyzed vessel arrival delays, berth times, and the number and size of berthed vessels of 29 ocean carriers from August 1 through October 31, 2017 at the ports. Read More…

CargoSmart Sponsors Global Freight Awards 2017

Global Freight Awards 2017

CargoSmart is pleased to have sponsored the Global Freight Awards 2017, which took place on November 16 in London, UK. During the event, Manfred Meier, business development director of CargoSmart, presented the Product Innovation Award to ShoreTension Holding. Congratulations to all the award winners!

Schedule Reliability Increased to 67.6% in October 2017

CargoSmart analyzes schedule reliability each month to provide shippers and logistics service providers with insights about their ocean carriers’ performance. This month, we reviewed the schedule reliability of 23 ocean carriers across 12 trade lanes. Overall, on-time schedule reliability increased by 3.3%, from 64.3% in September 2017 to 67.6% in October 2017. Read More…

30% of Global Sailing Schedules Are Incomplete

Obtaining Timely and Accurate Schedules

To manage your supply chain effectively, having accurate sailing schedules is one of the critical success factors. However, obtaining timely and accurate schedule data is not easy. In ocean transportation, sailing schedules change frequently. In addition, ocean carriers often do not provide the actual vessel arrival or departure times in their published sailing and vessel schedules.

In fact, from August to October 2017, 30% of global schedules among 30 major ocean carriers were missing actual arrival or departure times. Taking a closer look at each trade, the intra-North America trade had the highest percentage of schedules missing actual arrival and departure data, with 44% of the schedules missing data. The Europe-Oceania trade had the lowest percentage of schedules missing actual arrival and departure data, with 19% of the schedules missing data. Read More…