Schedule Reliability Decreased 0.2% in July 2017

CargoSmart analyzes schedule reliability each month to provide shippers and logistics service providers with insights about their ocean carriers’ performance. This month, we reviewed the schedule reliability of 24 ocean carriers across 12 trade lanes. Overall, on-time schedule reliability decreased by 0.2%, from 70.1% in June 2017 to 69.9% in July 2017.

Regarding schedule reliability by trade, eight of the 12 trades declined from June 2017 to July 2017. The Europe-Middle East trade experienced the largest decrement in reliability, decreasing by 11.4%, from 71.1% in June 2017 to 59.6% in July 2017. The Asia-Africa trade experienced the largest improvement in reliability, increasing by 8.8% from 41.8% in June 2017 to 50.6% in July 2017. The North America-Oceania trade continued to have the highest reliability with 86.6% in July 2017.

From the vessel discharging region perspective, the South America region experienced the largest decrement in reliability, decreasing by 11.0%, from 76.6% in June 2017 to 65.6% in July 2017. The Oceania region continued to rank the highest with 86.6% reliability in July 2017. Africa had the lowest reliability of 40.0% in July 2017.

14 of the 24 carriers experienced varying degrees of declining schedule reliability from June 2017 to July 2017. The top five most reliable carriers in July 2017 were CCNI, MCC, OOCL, Evergreen, and CMA CGM, with an average on-time performance of 89.6%, 80.3%, 79.5%, 77.6%, and 76.1% respectively.

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