Are Your Contingency Plans in Place?

The recent negotiations between the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) and United States Maritime Alliance (USMX) and the impending contract expiration deadline, serve as a wake up call about contingency planning for many U.S. shippers and forwarders.

As peak season wraps up, the 90-day contract extension offers some relief to companies under pressure to move time-sensitive shipments. Read More…

Improve Performance and Profitability with CargoSmart Carrier Contract Management

As an NVOCC or forwarder, are you finding that your ocean carriers’ contracts are growing more complex and your carriers’ rates, transit times, and service levels are changing frequently? If so, how can you manage the contract process more effectively?

Watch a three-minute video to learn how CargoSmart Carrier Contract Management can help you overcome these challenges with a platform for integrated contract and freight management.

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CargoSmart Sailing Schedules App for Android (SSM20 Lite v9.0) Available Now at Android Market

CargoSmart’s Sailing Schedule App for AndroidTM, SSM20 Lite is now available at the Google Play. The application lets you access up-to-date sailing schedules and punctuality performance for over 20 ocean carriers. Read More…

CargoSmart’s Sailing Schedule Management

Optimize Your Business Decisions with Crystal Clear Schedule Visibility

Today shippers and logistics service providers face frequently changing sailing schedules and market dynamics. Up-to-date and reliable schedule visibility is critical to help manage changes and optimize shipment routes.

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Is Your Cargo Moving? 3 Reasons Why You Can't Find Your Shipment

Between booking cancellations, slow steaming, and normal shipment disruptions, it can be a challenge to determine if your shipments are going to arrive on time. Online cargo tracking tools are commonplace and offer a first level of visibility, but can be inefficient for teams managing large volumes of cargo. And often, the cargo tracking tools do not offer much insight about a shipment’s progress aside from a date/time stamp. Here are three common cargo tracking challenges and ways to overcome them:

1. All Hands on Deck

Imagine how much productivity is lost in a typical import or export team when multiple employees track one shipment at a time to make sure it is moving according to plan. Exception management dashboards can help your team quickly sort through the mass of shipments and spot actual problems earlier. When all you really want to know is what isn’t moving, managing by exception can save you time to resolve real issues.

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