COSCON Selects CargoSmart’s Carrier IT Solutions

COSCON Selects CargoSmart’s Carrier IT Solutions

We are pleased to announce that COSCO Container Lines Co. Ltd. (COSCON) has started to implement CargoSmart’s online customer service and ocean carrier analytics solutions. The customer service solutions provide COSCON with process-oriented documentation and visibility tools for its customers to manage their shipments online. The carrier operations solutions help COSCON to optimize their vessel operations. Using predictive analytics, COSCON leverages CargoSmart’s global vessel and route data to improve planning, marine operations, and cost savings. Read More…

Season’s Greetings from CargoSmart!

CargoSmart wishes you a happy holiday season. May big data insights illuminate your supply chain this winter season!

NVOCCs attend CargoSmart’s 2nd NVOCC Leaders Forum in Hong Kong

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CargoSmart held the 2nd NVOCC Leaders Forum in Hong Kong on March 7, 2012. During the forum, Mr. Warren Ma, deputy general manager of CargoSmart, gave a welcome speech and brief introduction on how CargoSmart’s Sailing Schedule Management and Carrier Contract Management can help logistics service providers Read More…

CargoSmart Sailing Schedules App for Android (SSM20 Lite v9.0) Available Now at Android Market

CargoSmart’s Sailing Schedule App for AndroidTM, SSM20 Lite is now available at the Google Play. The application lets you access up-to-date sailing schedules and punctuality performance for over 20 ocean carriers. Read More…

CargoSmart’s Sailing Schedule Management

Optimize Your Business Decisions with Crystal Clear Schedule Visibility

Today shippers and logistics service providers face frequently changing sailing schedules and market dynamics. Up-to-date and reliable schedule visibility is critical to help manage changes and optimize shipment routes.

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