CargoSmart’s Freight Procurement Solution Now Available

For many shippers and logistics service providers, the ocean freight procurement process is time-consuming and data-intensive. Companies that have implemented automated optimization tools can apply parameters to quickly assess their carriers’ bids and adjust their route priorities to respond to different business needs and market scenarios.

Find out how CargoSmart’s Freight Procurement solution can help you optimize your carrier mix and improve decision-making.

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CargoSmart Attends 2012 CSCMP Conference

We are pleased to announce CargoSmart’s attendance at the annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ Annual Global Conference (CSCMP) in Atlanta, Georgia from September 30 through October 3, 2012.

This year, we will be featuring CargoSmart’s award-winning, multi-dimensional visibility solutions at the Supply Chain of the Future exhibition hall. Visitors to our booth will see how they can add depth to their supply chain visibility with intelligent solutions that offer sophisticated shipment management tools, comprehensive data, and expanded access for supply chain associates. Read More…

Improve Performance and Profitability with CargoSmart Carrier Contract Management

As an NVOCC or forwarder, are you finding that your ocean carriers’ contracts are growing more complex and your carriers’ rates, transit times, and service levels are changing frequently? If so, how can you manage the contract process more effectively?

Watch a three-minute video to learn how CargoSmart Carrier Contract Management can help you overcome these challenges with a platform for integrated contract and freight management.

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3 Ways NVOCCs Can Increase Sales Efficiency with Contract Management

3 Ways NVOCCs Can Increase Sales Efficiency with Contract ManagementLogistics service providers, including NVOCCs and forwarders, face frequently changing ocean freight rates, transit times, and service levels. It can be a challenge to maintain the latest agreed rates with carriers stated in carrier contracts and communicate efficiently with global teams. How do you ensure your carriers’ rates are up-to-date and your quotations to customers are accurate? How do you manage freight costs effectively to provide fast customer service, while ensuring that you are covering your costs? Read More…

CargoSmart’s Kim Le on How Sailing Schedule Data Fuels Contracts

(You can also view the video in Youku)

JoC recently interviewed Kim Le, director of CargoSmart North America, about how sailing schedule data fuels contract management. Watch the video to learn about the importance of quality sailing schedules and how they can help improve your contract management process.

Would you like to learn how you can adopt sailing schedules in your contract process? Read about CargoSmart’s integrated contract management solutions.