Introducing VisibilitySmart – Be Notified of Shipment Delays Earlier

Have you ever thought about how easy it could be to spot shipment exceptions? VisibilitySmart is a new visibility solution that alerts shippers and logistics service providers earlier about exceptions.

Watch the video to learn more about this state-of-the-art solution.

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CargoSmart’s New Visibility Solution Alerts Shippers to Delays Earlier

We are pleased to announce VisibilitySmart, a new visibility solution that alerts shippers earlier about potential shipment delays. The new solution helps shippers to improve their operations with daily, early notification of potential delays and to measure their carriers’ on-time performance and delay reasons with monthly scorecards.

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CargoSmart Launches Newsletter, Innovating

Shipment exceptions that cause cargo delays happen everyday. A recent example is the arrival of the powerful Hurricane Sandy on October 29 that has closed the port of New York and New Jersey. Do you find it difficult to find out where delays are happening or the reason for the delays? How you can you minimize the effects from delays?

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3 Tips to Stay Cool Managing Shipments through Peak Season

Are you shipping your cargo before the core peak season to avoid charges and congestion? Will your cargo make the intended vessel? Will your cargo be rolled? Will ILA port negotiations in the U.S. affect this year’s peak season?

Managing your shipment visibility is key to making sure your cargo is delivered on time to meet your customers’ expectations and achieve your company’s goals. Having the right tools in place can make your job easier, especially during peak season.

It’s a breeze! Follow these tips to navigate this summer’s peak season:

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