Reinventing Logistics Through Digital Transformation

In Computerworld Hong Kong, CargoSmart’s Lionel Louie shares his views on digital transformation in the logistics industry. The article describes the opportunities and trends the industry is facing with rapid digitization.


Here are excerpts:

  • “We believe that ultimately suppliers, consumers, partners or even industry competitors will collaborate on digital platforms to exchange information and do business. The platforms can allow them to work with companies around the world and to collaborate through different channels, including online and by APIs,” explained Lionel Louie, chief commercial officer, CargoSmart Limited.

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Supply Chain Transformed: The Role of IoT and Analytics

Supply Chain Executive Luncheon in Hong Kong

Computerworld Hong Kong recently organized a luncheon for supply chain executives on September 6, 2017. Executives from GE, TIBCO, and CargoSmart spoke on the panel discussion, From Good to Great: Transforming your business for the Digital Supply Chain. The panelists noted that the biggest agents of disruption as a result of data availability were the Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics.

Lionel Louie, CargoSmart’s chief commercial officer, discussed specifically how the IoT is enabling supply chain visibility to be better than previously possible. Read More…

4 Ways IoT Technology Elevates Your Visibility

In the supply chain, you can apply the Internet of Things (IoT) to processes throughout the product lifecycle. Using sensors, you can track your goods from the raw materials warehouse to the retail store and beyond to improve supply chain visibility.

What does next generation supply chain visibility IoT technology offer? First, your visibility can be down to individual goods, such as at the SKU level. Second, you can have direct access and control over data about the status of your goods. Last, you can have more accurate forecasting with predictive analytics for inventory and schedules. Read More…

Managing Unexpected Disruptions to Your Shipments with IoT Technology

The seas, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, have not been quiet this season. Numerous typhoons and hurricanes have impacted container port operations in recent months. The storms may suddenly change directions, and supply chain disruptions can be unpredictable.

For example, the recent Hurricane Irma in the US caused all container ports in Florida, as well as several other ports in the region including Savannah, Charleston, and Freeport, to close. Based on CargoSmart’s data, container vessels, with an original ETA during September 9-14, skipped their scheduled ports 17 times due to the storm. While the ports have reopened, 12 container vessels were waiting outside of Savannah as of September 15. The vessels that skipped ports and the vessel queues outside the affected ports have resulted in shipment delays. Read More…