Get Timely Updates of Incidents with Route Master

Incidents, such as port strikes and port congestion, occur around the world that may affect vessel schedules and potentially delay shipments. When these events occur, how do you find out about them and plan your shipment routes around them?

Route Master, powered by CargoSmart, is an ocean route planning tool that helps you visualize and compare carriers’ routes, transit times, vessel operators, and reliability. The interactive tool provides timely updates of incidents that may affect vessel schedules and impact your supply chain, and it lets you identify route options to minimize potential delays. Read More…

Chart Your Course with Route Master’s Powerful Features

Evaluating route options from multiple ocean carriers can be time-consuming due to the massive amount of data available. More importantly, you may not be aware of the hidden risks behind each route that could cause shipment delays, such as service reliability, port incidents, or even cyber-attacks, such as the one that impacted Maersk and APM Terminals in late June. It’s time to explore a new way to manage your route planning efficiently and effectively.

Route Master, powered by CargoSmart, is an ocean route planning tool that helps you visualize and compare carriers’ routes, transit times, vessel operators, and reliability. Route Master covers over 830 ports and 3,800 services offered by 29 carriers. The interactive tool helps you: Read More…

Why Route Master?

New shipping alliances, service consolidation, and the resulting changes to services, routes, and schedules, have made transportation management and supply chain planning more challenging than ever. The changes have made dynamic data intelligence critical to successful supply chain management.

Route Master, the interactive route planning tool powered by CargoSmart, lets you digitize route planning and respond faster to ocean carriers’ and alliances’ service changes, to help you navigate the new reality of ocean shipping. Watch the video to learn more.

Yusen Logistics Taps Into Route Master for Ocean Route Planning

CargoSmart is pleased to announce that Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd., a leading global supply chain logistics company, is using Route Master to gain insights to optimize its ocean route planning. Providing extensive information about 29 ocean carriers’ available services, Route Master helps Yusen Logistics discover the best routing options to prepare for carrier contract negotiations, make shipment plan recommendations to its customers, and establish routing guides for its internal teams based on the insights.

“One of our company’s missions is to use innovative technologies to make continuous business improvements to benefit our customers,” said Chris Kwan, general manager of Yusen Logistics. “Leveraging Route Master’s rich data and analytics power helps us to enhance the service we provide to our customers with intelligent tools for the global logistics industry.”

Read the full press release. Learn more about Route Master.

CargoSmart Launches Big Schedules Search Engine

Something BIG is here!

Over five million sailing schedule changes occur globally each month. As schedules change, the impact to your business grows. Managing increasing data and maintaining accurate schedules to control your shipment plans are critical.

CargoSmart has launched Big Schedules, an all new way to manage the impact of millions of sailing schedule changes. The new platform leverages big data and empowers you to search for schedules faster and view live vessels in transit to gain insights for planning.

It’s time to think big and see the difference. Be sure to register for a free account for more personalized results and to view schedule reliability. Try Big Schedules today!