CargoSmart Introduces Mobile App for SOLAS VGM Compliance

We are pleased to announce BoxSnap, a free app to easily collect and share container weight information through a smartphone to comply with the Safety of Life at Sea Convention’s Verified Gross Mass requirements (SOLAS VGM). The mobile app simplifies and expedites the process for shippers, truckers and cargo weighing parties to obtain VGM information and submit it to their ocean carriers to comply and minimize the risk of held cargo or penalties. Leveraging optical character recognition (OCR) technology, truckers and cargo weighing parties can take a photo of a container, check the captured container number and tare weight, and share it with the parties responsible for filing the VGM.

Nearly 500 people have downloaded BoxSnap since CargoSmart began testing the app in June. Naouri Group, a Jordan-based NVOCC with container weighing services in the Middle East and North Africa, adopted CargoSmart’s VGM solutions to comply with the new regulation. “We have tested the new mobile app and find it to be a useful extension to CargoSmart’s platform to facilitate the VGM submission process,” said Kareem Naouri, chief operations officer of Naouri.

Read the full press release. Learn more and download BoxSnap.

Digitize Container Information with BoxSnap for SOLAS VGM

We are pleased to announce CargoSmart’s newest mobile app, BoxSnap, which helps you collect and share ocean container information from your smartphone anytime, anywhere to comply with the new Safety of Life at Sea Verified Gross Mass (SOLAS VGM) container weight requirements.

Use your smartphone to take a photo of the container door. BoxSnap leverages optical character recognition (OCR) technology to capture the container number, container type, and tare weight in the photo. Share container photos and information with shipping parties using email and other apps. Save the records in the app for future reference. Read More…

SSM+ Mobile App: 3 New Frequently Searched Port Pair Reliability Insights

Are you making the most out of the SSM+ sailing schedules mobile app? CargoSmart launched an expanded version of SSM+ in September that now allows unrestricted search of over 20 ocean carriers’ sailing schedules and the ability to view schedule reliability information for the top 30 ports from the sailing schedule search results screen. The app can help you look up the most reliable carrier schedules to book on a particular route and monitor performance as you prepare your shipment allocations.

Here are three new frequently searched port pair reliability insights from the app from September 14 – October 11 to share with you: Read More…

CargoSmart Introduces New Shipment Planning Solutions

We are pleased to announce three new ways for shippers and logistics service providers to improve their shipment planning. The solutions include a new version of CargoSmart’s private label sailing schedules, a new daily report to monitor sailing schedule changes, and an expanded sailing schedules mobile app that now allows unrestricted schedule search.

Over the last three months, 20 ocean carriers’ schedules collectively had nearly 22.5 million sailing schedule changes, underscoring the challenges of shipment planning. Read More…

CargoSmart Launches Expanded Version of Sailing Schedules Mobile App

We are pleased to announce that CargoSmart launched an expanded version of its sailing schedules mobile app, SSM+. In the new version, you can have unrestricted search to over 20 ocean carriers’ sailing schedules and view schedule reliability information for the top 30 ports.

The rich sailing schedule functionality and schedule reliability analysis of the mobile application can help you improve your shipment planning and carrier performance monitoring. Download the SSM+ application from the App StoreSM and Google PlayTM for one free port of origin or destination of your choice, or upgrade to expand your port selection.

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