Improve Shipment Visibility with Schedule Delay Alert

In January 2016, over 6 million sailing schedule changes occurred around the world. Along with the next wave of shipping line service consolidation, frequent schedule changes may continue.

Managing schedule changes is critical to your cargo’s on-time delivery. CargoSmart’s Schedule Delay Alert leverages high quality, consolidated sailing schedule data from multiple sources and uses intelligent tools to help you identify schedule changes that may impact your shipments. The solution helps you:

  • Save time looking up schedules to monitor critical shipments
  • Respond faster to potential supply chain disruptions
  • Manage export documentation deadlines that are due by 24 hours before vessel departure
  • Enhance customer service with improved shipment visibility of vessel status and delay information

To experience how Schedule Delay Alert can help your business, subscribe now to the service online. To learn more about the solution, schedule a free consultation to view a demo of the solution today.

Manage Frequent Schedule Changes on Big Schedules

Sailing schedules change every month. According to a study published in the March issue of CargoSmart’s Innovating newsletter, the Port of Shanghai experienced over 40,000 sailing schedule changes in February, with over 30% of the changes longer than 24 hours.

Freight forwarders and shippers find it challenging to manage up-to-date schedules and to track vessels’ latest movements. Big Schedules provides more ways than ever to help you visualize your sailing schedule options and vessel tracking details. The powerful premium features let you monitor events impacting schedules, compare sailing schedules and arrival accuracy, and set up a vessel watch list to monitor exceptions. Read More…

CargoSmart Adds Premium Features to Big Schedules

We are pleased to announce that CargoSmart has added premium features to its sailing schedule search engine, Big Schedules. Available on a subscription basis, the new features allow shippers and logistics service providers to have deeper insights into their shipment planning through sailing schedules and live vessel tracking.

“Shippers are seeking greater control over planning and require better reporting and analytics tools,” said Lionel Louie, chief commercial officer of CargoSmart. “The Big Schedules premium features let importers and exporters leverage CargoSmart’s data and analytics to improve their shipment planning and discover potential delays earlier to save costs.”

To subscribe and start your search, please visit

Read the full press release.

Winter Storm Watch – Are Your Visibility Tools in Place?

Are you ready for winter weather disruptions? El Nino rain, blizzards, ice, fog, and high winds could soon impact port operations and sailing schedules. Winter weather can cause terminals to close and create a cascading effect of sailing schedule delays.

Finding out about weather systems affecting ports can help you make smarter shipment planning decisions. CargoSmart has introduced three new ways to notify Big Schedules users of weather incidents, as well as other events, that could impact sailing schedules. Try these tools to help you minimize the effects of schedule delays during stormy weather. Read More…

CargoSmart Tracks Vessels, Shipments with Big Data

Asia Cargo News - CargoSmart August 2015

Lionel Louie, CargoSmart’s chief commercial officer, recently spoke with Asia Cargo News about the company’s new visibility model. Leveraging big data technologies and intuitive design, CargoSmart helps shippers and forwarders effectively monitor their shipments and industry trends in an increasingly data-driven world. Here is an excerpt of the article:

Lionel Louie, chief commercial officer of CargoSmart, says that the company had traditionally only been involved in electronic data interchange with regard to schedules and tracking, but that is now not enough. Read More…