How to Find Your Hanjin Shipments with Greater Precision

Your favorite chefs and brands may have pop-up restaurants and stores. At CargoSmart, we are pleased to provide you with a pop-up supply chain visibility tool to help you track your cargo on Hanjin vessels. After launching the tool on September 1, the day after Hanjin filed for receivership, hundreds of logistics professionals have used the tool to monitor Hanjin vessel locations. The tool has shown that more than half of Hanjin’s container vessels were at a standstill in the first few days after the filing. Read More…

COSCON Selects CargoSmart’s Carrier IT Solutions

COSCON Selects CargoSmart’s Carrier IT Solutions

We are pleased to announce that COSCO Container Lines Co. Ltd. (COSCON) has started to implement CargoSmart’s online customer service and ocean carrier analytics solutions. The customer service solutions provide COSCON with process-oriented documentation and visibility tools for its customers to manage their shipments online. The carrier operations solutions help COSCON to optimize their vessel operations. Using predictive analytics, COSCON leverages CargoSmart’s global vessel and route data to improve planning, marine operations, and cost savings. Read More…

Look out for global vessel disruptions on Big Schedules

Big Schedules – Live data. Powerful results

Big Schedules – Live data. Powerful results

Over 5 million sailing schedule changes occur globally each month. Factors such as severe weather and port congestion can impact schedules and your ability to plan your shipments.

CargoSmart recently announced Big Schedules, a new sailing schedule search engine that helps you search for schedules faster and view live vessels in transit to gain insights for planning. Did you also know that you can visit the Big Schedules homepage (, to find news regarding weather events and port and terminal activities that could impact your shipments?

Features include:

  • 7 day vessel movement map: The map on the homepage shows the vessels’ previous movements and current positions. Each dot on the screen represents a container vessel. As the homepage loads, it cycles through snapshots of the previous 7 days of global vessel movements. The date on the lower left corner of the page changes to show the corresponding date of each view.
  • Incident and weather markers: Flags on the homepage mark incidents, such as strikes and typhoons, to help you identify events that may potentially impact your shipment schedules.
  • Latest news box: You can also view a summary of the latest disruptions from the map in the Latest News box, and then click on the link to read more details about the disruptions.

Big Schedules is the sailing schedule search engine that delivers live schedules and insightful results for you. Visit our vessel movement map on the homepage and then sign up for a free account today to experience even more powerful features.

CargoSmart Launches Big Schedules Search Engine

Something BIG is here!

Over five million sailing schedule changes occur globally each month. As schedules change, the impact to your business grows. Managing increasing data and maintaining accurate schedules to control your shipment plans are critical.

CargoSmart has launched Big Schedules, an all new way to manage the impact of millions of sailing schedule changes. The new platform leverages big data and empowers you to search for schedules faster and view live vessels in transit to gain insights for planning.

It’s time to think big and see the difference. Be sure to register for a free account for more personalized results and to view schedule reliability. Try Big Schedules today!



Empowering a Digital Revolution in the Global Shipping and Logistics Industry

Steve Siu, CEO of CargoSmart, spoke with media on May 22, 2014 in Hong Kong about how CargoSmart is using advanced technologies to revolutionize shipment management for the global shipping and logistics industry. Logistics Insight Asia reported in-depth coverage of the news. Here is an excerpt from the article:

CargoSmart is on the road to revolutionising shipment management. A year ago, CargoSmart began to explore the possibility to prevent shipment delay via enhancing visibility of sailing schedules and providing relevant insights for the shipping industry. Read More…